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    Roof Heat Proofing

    This is a roof surface treatment chemical, a mixture containing earth metals salts of strontium, Barium and calcium (Soft, silver-white metallic elements) so called Roof Heat Proofing. These combined elements naturally act as reflector to sun-lights and convert the applied surface as an insulator automatically. An organic binder poly urethane is used to apply this chemical on the surface. Poly Urethane is a transparent non-toxic and CFC free binder, normally used in marine applications.

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     the leading full-fledged Heat-proofing & water-proofing solutions provider in Pakistan. We have been serving residential and commercial clients since 1992 and did more than a million projects.

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    To become the leader in heat proofing & waterproofing solutions industry through innovation and enhanced services.

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    To make heat proofing & waterproofing easy that every structure and building in our country is protected, enabling everyone to live and work in a healthy environment.

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